Ashes and Infinity

by Travis Gulbrandson

The feelings surrounding a funeral are explored through the thoughts and actions of three primary characters: A woman, her estranged brother and her young son. Told with clarity and understanding, Ashes and Infinity is a story of doubt, mortality and ultimately, reconciliation.

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Ashes and Infinity Book Cover

A Marble Heart Book Cover

A Marble Heart

Forgotten today, Julia Anna Baker was notorious in the early part of the twentieth century for running a series of children’s homes. Mrs. Baker traveled the country proselytizing for and collecting money in the name of “home conserving.” The children who came under her care, however, were subject to filthy living conditions, insufficient food and, in some cases, physical abuse.

A Marble Heart brings the story of Mrs. Baker and her children to life. The novel is the culmination of approximately two years of research, and utilizes such real-world figures as Mrs. Baker herself, Kansas City politicians and a preacher who claimed to be the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah.

It is a story of greed, fraud, abuse, religion and ultimately, survival.

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Face to Face

Face to Face

A barfly. A disgraced surgeon. A tired nanny. Two out-of-work movie stars. These are some of the characters that populate Face to Face, a new collection of ten short stories told with grace, subtle humor and compassion.

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The Believers

Away from the Nets

Away From the Nets tells two stories that examine the sometimes impossible standards by which people live their lives. The first is of a man who holds unbearable guilt over things he cannot control. The second is of a woman who embarks on the goal of achieving moral perfection. Away From the Nets is a taut psychological study that builds toward a shattering climax that, once read, cannot be forgotten.

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The Believers

The Believers

Edith Parker has been a widow for ten years, but she tries to keep her husband’s memory alive by carrying a picture of him from room to room. Then, on the anniversary of his death, she is visited by a young man who claims to have a message from him. On the promise of further communications with the deceased, Mrs. Parker invites the mysterious stranger to live with her. While this visitation first seems like the answer to her prayers, she soon finds her actions may have started a chain of events that yield tragic consequences for everyone she cares about.

Dark, at times suspenseful, infused with black humor, The Believers examines a number of issues relating to the nature of faith, but it never tells the reader what to think.

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Travis Gulbrandson

About the Author

This is Travis Gulbrandson's third novel. His previous books are The Believers, Away From the Nets and Face to Face, a collection of short stories.


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